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The evolution of the civil society is one of the biggest challenges of Albania in the years following the economic and social transition. A wholesome civil society guarantees through its products, a firm democracy. This can be possible due to the role of the civil society performed in the developmental process. Being conscious about civil society role, the NCSS focus has shifted from surveys & analysis to policy revisions and piloting of models, especially in interventions aimed at active labor market policies for youth vulnerable groups. Here, the cooperation cycle is completed and closed. It starts with needs analysis & capacity gap assessment, continues with vocational professional training/capacity development and ends up with “assessment of models” and “steps versus institutionalization & policy revisions”.



Credibility of NCSS has increased over time. NCSS cooperates with all strategic donors in the country, while the financed interventions are relevant to key national strategies of the Albanian Government. In the majority of projects, Government entities at national and/or regional/local level are involved not in the quality of beneficiary, but as stakeholders, which increases chances for the sustainability of the projects. In this regard, it is of value to mention that NCSS has cooperated and maintained effective collaboration with all Governments of post 1997 at national and local level.


The NCSS is an initiative of a group of Albanian social policy experts aimed at improving the social research and social services systems in Albania by implementing projects that encourage local, regional and national social development. It operates within the NGO-s sector based on the Albanian Legislation: Law: Nr. 7850 date 29.07.1994 " Civil Code of the Republic of Albania".


NCSS network consists of the best Albanian professionals all over the country, who provide high quality services. From the administrative point of view there are functioning: (a) permanent working positions: (with an executive director,  a social policy expert, a social researcher expert and a social work expert, and (b) positions with fix term contract and/or partial time job. The part time positions include the teams that carry out projects and especially: the lecturer's team, supervisors and interviewers in research and evaluation projects, multi-expertise teams in social services development ventures. NCSS has also a vital database with local and international experts who are hired according to the specific needs of different projects.

The NCSS activity is managed by the board. The board of NCSS is the authority that carries out the decisions making process and the overall supervision of the Centre's activities. The board is composed of 3 experts of social fields.

NCSS provides an exciting and challenging work environment for its permanent and temporary staff. To keep a high performance in service delivery the staff of the NCSS continuously participate in different training programs, conferences and workshops in the country and abroad, assimilating and developing similar applicable experiences.


Information and technology- The NCSS is equipped with updated computers and office appliances facilitating the work of its staff.  Since 1999 the NCSS has its own web page whose is maintained continuously. The website is updated frequently, providing the most recent information for the public. The address of the page of the centre is: www.ncss-al.org

NCSS disposes premises of 85 m2, located in the business area of Tirana at this address: Rr. "Sulejman Delvina", pall.3, ap.8, Tirana, ALBANIA. In addition to the working environment, NCSS has at its disposal a well equipped meeting room, used for the training of small teams. The NCSS disposes a library, with about 250 contemporary titles, in English and Albanian language, which are continuously used by NCSS team as well as its collaborators.

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