Transforming communities

NCSS is involved in Transforming Communities with the idea of building local power with a long-term view toward real change. Through projects NCSS promotes models of empowering that lead to comprehensive social change, democracy building and better governance, address community needs and deliver just outcomes. NCSS believe that building local power with national vision and coordination; build democracy from the bottom up. By working locally we can more effectively make community voices heard, promote a shared vision, and implement cutting edge initiatives. Local empowerment is especially important for vulnerable communities and social strata which are often concentrated in suburban and rural areas and are marginalized in the regular course of central government policy making.

Building capacities in monitoring and evaluation of the social care services standards provided in the public institutions, both at central and local level.

Project timeframe: 
2014 to 2015

Since the transformation reform from the central to market economy has started, there is a growing attention of the Albanian government and civil society to protect and guarantee human rights. Despite the efforts, people with disabilities face poor social care services and a less enabling environment for protection and inclusion.

Source of Funding: 
Danish Government
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