Providing training/teaching

In recent years, NCSS has trained policymakers, public officials at all levels of governance and NGO experts in every region on child rights, gender issues, domestic violence, etc., as well as has empowered vulnerable groups with life skills, knowledge on starting a small business, etc. Capacity building trainings/teaching courses are tailored for each context and group/participants and facilitated at national or local levels, in full partnership with counterparts and implemented by the best experts in the market. NCSS trainings seeks also to foster an understanding of gender equality as a key element of economic and social development of Albanian society. While women are very often in highly disadvantaged situations of vulnerability, NCSS aims to support women as not just victims but as powerful agents of positive social and economic change.

Policy Studies: Policy Research and Child Welfare

Project timeframe: 
2001 to 2002
Source of Funding: 
OSFA Soros Budapest HESP
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