Providing strategic consulting

Changing priorities, new political mandates and uncertain economic and social conditions make a complex task the managing of an organization in efficient and sustainable way. For many years NCSS provides strategic consulting services to help organizations (public and non public) to solve operational problems throughout the entire work cycle and set the foundation for effective service delivery. Leaders of organizations, whether public or private, face the challenges and opportunities of identifying needs, developing concepts, determining feasibility, delivering and then operating services. These leaders recognize the need for assistance to solve problems prior to, during, and after services are delivered. In the course of helping them to cope with these challenges, NCSS leverages technical expertise. By integrating both strategic and technical expertise, NCSS creates value and knowledge, offers management with experience and consulting experience with a result in high quality products and sound advice for our contractors.

Technical Assistance for the Bed and Breakfast (B&B) Program Hospitality services training

Project timeframe: 
2013 to 2014

The Government of Albania is implementing with World Bank support the Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Clean-up Project (ICZMCP) at the South Coast of Albania. Under this project NCSS was selected to provide technical Assistance for the bed and breakfast program hospitality services training in the villages of the Southern Coastal of Albania.

Source of Funding: 
World Bank
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