Our Projects

US Embassy Albania, Democracy Commission Small Grants Program

Project timeframe: 
2014 to 2015

“Women economic empowerment through development of tourism in south coast of Albania”. The project was implemented in three touristic villages of Himare Municipality (Vuno, Qeparo and Borsh). The project aimed to empower economically the local women in participating and running small tourism businesses. Activities: 1) knowing the situation and identification of interventions (through assessment and strategy development); 2) identification of women and empower them with knowledge and skills to participate in the provision quality B&B hospitality services and run tourism based small businesses utilizing local natural and cultural resources. Project has created a model for women economic empowerment through strengthening their human capacities for better involvement in tourism activities (B&B hospitality services).
Impact the project: (i) gender equality and poverty reduction not only in project areas but also in the communities around. (ii) increased employment opportunities for local women (project trained 30 women from Vuno, Qeparo and Borsh, their experience with new acquired skills will serve as models for other women with project communities); (iii) promotion of a sustainable local tourism development and will in long run, improve livelihoods of women, protect nature and revive local life style tradition.

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