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UNICEF: Reform of social assistance: From survival to investment in poverty reduction.

Project timeframe: 
2010 to 2012
Fields of expertise: 

The National Household Survey is implemented in collaboration with URI (Albanian NGO). This National Household Survey dealt with the analysis of the effectiveness of Social Assistance scheme in Albania. There is increasing recognition that existing social protection mechanisms often fail in promoting people to be socially re-integrated. Similarly, the existing system of social assistance may provide needed income to the poor, but it does not help poor people to escape the – often structural - conditions that are responsible for their poverty in the first place. It neither supports households to solve their critical economic and social needs nor to protect poor people from social exclusion. Therefore, the survey in particular provided evidence based information on extreme poverty and children’s social exclusion of beneficiaries of social assistance as well as submitted a policy paper to the government, aimed at the revision of existing social assistance policy, including cost and administrative set of measures.

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