Our Projects

Technical Assistance for the Bed and Breakfast (B&B) Program Hospitality services training

Project timeframe: 
2013 to 2014
Source of Funding: 
World Bank
Fields of expertise: 

The Government of Albania is implementing with World Bank support the Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Clean-up Project (ICZMCP) at the South Coast of Albania. Under this project NCSS was selected to provide technical Assistance for the bed and breakfast program hospitality services training in the villages of the Southern Coastal of Albania.

The assignment for B&B Hospitality aimed at the provision of support to develop family tourism in south cost of Albania, helping families to host visiting tourists through quality and attractive services. The philosophy of the project was based at local capacity development of families and revival of traditional life experience in the villages, which contribute to the local community development as well. This project was implemented by NCSS and Albanian Tourism Association” (ATA). Under B&B Hospitality Services training project NCSS and ATA released following results: (i) a situation analysis of B&B facilities in the South Coast of Albania performed, and a Strategy for the Development of Family Tourism developed; (ii) training program on capacity development to support Family Tourism developed, (iii) B&B Association, created and institutionalized.

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