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Social Welfare for children in Albania - Public Expenditure review

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A large proportion of children in Albania continue to live in poverty with many deprived of basic necessities like food, water, proper health care or appropriate housing. Children experience poverty differently from other members of society and this is largely due to the differences in the causes and effects. Over the past years social welfare policies have gained substantial attention as a development measure and are increasingly being considered as part of the response to child poverty and vulnerability. Assessing public expenditure on social welfare targeted at children through a budget analysis was the main aim of public expenditure review project. Having a clear picture on policy priorities in social welfare for children in past and present, helped to understand to what extent the levels and patterns of budget allocations were conducive to meet child welfare sector targets. The objective was also to compare trends in allocation within a regional/local perspective, paying particular attention to the suggested territory reform, which has been identified as one of the key priorities of the government program of 2013-2017. The improvement of the services is associated with the increase of resources in general and financial ones in particular for the local government units, and goes along with the principles of decentralization of the power and the local autonomy defined by the Constitution of the country and by the European Charter of the Local Self-Government. The project was supported by UNICEF and implemented by NCSS in collaboration with ACER and ASET (Albanian NGOs).

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