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Review of Alternated Education and Vocational Training Project-Phase VI (CEFA VI)

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The main objectives of the external evaluation are to review : (i) CEFA results – building on the recommendations of the former evaluation, the hypothesis of impact and the log frame set in 2009 and to draw out the key findings, conclusions, lessons and recommendations with regard to the effectiveness, impact and sustainability of the “integration model” developed; (ii) give a clear analysis of the current sustainability of the interventions (what takes place independently and/or still thanks to the Project’s inputs/facilitation) and analyse what steps should/could be undertaken so as to allow both an (SDC) exit and the possible replication of the model to other regions (with or without SDC support); (iii) provide with recommendations on the way the CEFA’s experience could feed into a broader program and what could be the role of NPF in this endeavour.

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