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Provision of Technical Assistance for Developing Sustainable Social Services Delivery for Roma in Tirana, Elbasani, Korca and Berati

Project timeframe: 
Fields of expertise: 

The project aimed to evaluate, prepare cost estimates and/or economic models and implementation schedules for current services provided by CEFA. Project identified best practices that could be promoted through various inputs (e.g. VET activities, employment, grants; etc) and prepared training materials for use by LGU in the near future. Project identified means to promote and establish support projects for Roma community and developed an overall activity plan for the each LGU based on a sustainable scenario with sources of funding, human resources, potential partners, cost estimates, implementation schedule, roles and responsibilities, and monitoring and evaluation processes. Project also prepared a plan of training regarding partnerships creations among various organizations (such as NGOs, target groups of interest, and international aid agencies) as well as to building the capacity of each municipality involved in project, to provide adequate services for Roma communities in their territory.
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