Partners and Clients


NCSS works with a number of donors and partner organizations from public and private sector. Collaboration not only allows us to learn from them, but also to share information with them, resulting in an effective partner network.


Our philosophy of partnering is to be flexible and adaptable for each potential partnership. Our role range from sub-contracting to leadership, according to our donors/partners’ needs.



Donators:   Our clients:  Our partners: 
World Bank,
European Union,
UN Women,
US Embassy,
Embassy of Kingdom of Netherland,
Albanian Development Fund
Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth,
State Social Service,
State Social Service,
Tirana Municipality,
Durrës Municipality,
Council of Durrës Qark,
Council of Kukës Qark,
Council of Tirana Qark,
Council of Diber Qark,
SOS International,
Albanian Children Alliance,
Albanian Ombudsman Office

MSR Albania,
URI (Albania),
Rodeco Consulting (Germany),
WS& partners (Germany),
Municipality of Ulqin (Montenegro),
Municipality of Pesaro (Italy),
Cooss Marche Onluss (Ancona, Italy),
Healthy City Association (Split, Croatia),
Abruzzo Region (Italy),
Federal Employment Institute (Sarajevo, BiH),
ASWP (Durrës)



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