Our Vision

As a Not-for-Profit Organization, operating among the state, the market and the citizens, NCSS mission is to encourage the development of harmonized evidence-based social protection policies, the production and distribution of information and knowledge on citizens' rights and the strengthening of those institutions responsible for policy implementation and monitoring at all levels. Therefore, NCSS's activities aim:

  • To contribute in improving and developing the social policies, that has to do with the evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of the applied social policies and their reformation aiming at efficent distribution of resources, creating and spreading information and experiences through researche and studies on important social phenomena, developing institutions and human resources through teaching and training programs as well as experimenting and offering social service close to the beneficiaries' needs.
  • To support the development of public and non public social services as well as the improvement of the applied studies on social policies in Albania.
  • To influence to increase the number of the participants in debates for social policies and their wording, as well as to intensify discussions on social policies issues, based on practical results.
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