Mrs. Mirela Muca

Executive Director
Years of Service: 
25 years

Mirela Muca is one of the founders of National Albanian Center for Social Studies and was appointed as Executive Director, since the organization has been established in 1998. She has good experience of policy development, service planning, and social service management. She worked for the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, reviewing and advising on policy, practice and law. She has also worked for the Government of Kosovo during 2006-2008, advising on strategic development plans. For the last 10 years Mirela has been providing consultancy and technical assistance to a wide range of International donor programs (EU, World Bank,UNICEF, ) dealing with the development of social policy and social services in Albania and Balkan states. As part of her MoLSA work and as part of the core NCSS team Mirela has participated in a number of research projects.

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