Mrs. Irena Dona (Qorlaze)

Economist, Social Policy expert
Years of Service: 
23 years

Having graduated from Tirana University with a degree in Economics in 1990. Irena has been involved with financial and social policy issues since working in Ministry of Labor and Social Protection (Albania).As a head of Budget department of the GASS, she has been responsible for management and administration of social assistance and social services budget for 7 years. Irena comes to NCSS with this previous experience and since 2001 works as social policy expert for our center. Her consultancy and services consist on, project management and monitoring, providing strategic consulting, research and evaluation, reforming public system, transforming neighborhoods, providing training, services in social and other fields. She is looking forward to being a part of the NCSS Team and dividing her time between contributing to the Department and ferrying her 2 children around.

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