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Competency analysis and labor demand study of skilled metal mechanic and auto mechanics in Tirana and Durres regions”

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This project was financed by GIZ Albania VET program and implemented in 2013. The project aimed to measure the local market demand for skills in metal and auto mechanic sectors which was considered as essential information in backing the curricula development process in both sectors. Two different surveys  with a specific focus on skills profiles and competencies collected valid information on gaps between existing skills and market demands. Based on the results a document on need for training in metal and auto mechanic sectors was prepared. More specifically the data collection enabled the elaboration of at least 4 job profiles in each area and provided valuable information on:


(i) relevance and rankings of specific skills profiles and competencies from the metal and auto mechanic entities in both private and state sectors;

(ii) current and future needs for training in general and for each skills profile;

(iii) current and future labor market demands in the metal and auto mechanic sectors.



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