The Center

The NCSS National Centre for Social Studies is a research, training, and policy-formulation institute based in Albania and Kosovo. At NCSS, our mission is to generate novel insights with regard to a wide range of economic and social phenomena, and to share these insights with colleagues, students, policy-makers, public officials, and business leaders. This dissemination is implemented by means of academic publications, curriculum development, training programs, "train the trainers" schemes, conferences, workshops, and seminars.

NCSS undertakes advanced analytical research. It draws upon, and adds to its portfolio of state-of-the-art qualitative and quantitative research methods, data hosting and clearing infrastructure, and multi-method surveying techniques.

The Centre has and is developing close co-operation and exchanging experience with the political and social science faculties of the Balkan countries. Bearing its responsibilities that derive from the SAA and the prospect of European integration, NCSS encourages cross borders collaboration and cooperation

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