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Baseline data collection for Pilot Phase of Social Assistance Modernization Project (SAMP)

Project timeframe: 
Source of Funding: 
World Bank
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This project financed by World Bank, aimed to collect data from three pilot areas (Tirane, Durres and Elbasan) in order to assess the existing situation in these areas prior changes in the social assistance system. The survey was a multi-topic household survey, implemented before the first NE payment issued after the application of scored formula. This baseline data collection helps MoSWY to understand the different dimensions of a household's characteristic such poverty, consumption patterns, children's education, employment of adult members before and after social assistance system reform. Data collection was conducted during June-September 2014 and the methodology applied was the Excluded Cases control group within a Quasi-Experimental Difference-in-Difference Design, with a total 1,542 responders (households) out of which 771 from case group and 771 from control group.

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