About us

The National Centre for Social Studies (NCSS) has been established in 1998 with the goal to study and organize research on social problems relating to the transition of Albania from a command economy to a free one. Since the day of its establishment NCSS is engaged in spreading information and experiences through researches and studies, developing institutions and human resources through teaching and training programs as well as experimenting and offering social services close to the beneficiaries’ needs.


Being a non-government organization, non-profitable and nonpolitical, NCSS represent a value-based organization working to address at local and national level problems like poverty and inequalities, unemployment, women and youth empowerment, family based violence, children rights, etc.


NCSS represents a bottom up approach of public policy and governance in Albania. Albanian society can’t be developed if all the partners do not co-operate and do not share the responsibilities between them. According to this approach NCSS co-operates with Albanian government (central and local level) in improving governance and drafting public policies tailored on needs.


NCSS stands as an alternative centre of critical expertise, which makes up for the expertise of the governmental institutions. Together with the empirical focus, it increases the number of the participants in the policy making processes and intensifies the constructive debate.



The NCSS is an initiative of a group of Albanian social policy experts aimed at improving the social research and social services systems in Albania by implementing projects that encourage local, regional and national social development. It operates within the NGO-s sector based on the Albanian Legislation.


NCSS Office
Rr. Sulejman Delvina, P. 8 Ap 3 Tirana, Albania
Tel: ++355 42 261646


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