Projects Portfolio

Project timeframe: 2014 to 2015
Source of Funding: UNDP

The Government of Albania is implementing with World Bank support the Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Clean-up Project (ICZMCP) at the South Coast of Albania. Under this project NCSS was selected to provide technical Assistance for the bed and breakfast program hospitality services training in the villages of the Southern Coastal of Albania.

Project timeframe: 2013 to 2014
Source of Funding: World Bank

Project timeframe: 2014
Source of Funding: UNICEF

Adriatic Welfare MIX is a project funded by the 2nd call for proposal of the IPA Adriatic Cross Border Cooperation Program and in implementation phase. Adriatic Welfare MIX is multi beneficiary program that address differences in the welfare system between EU and non EU countries in Adriatic Sea. The Welfare Mix is the main model of the welfare state promoted in some European countries, but still little diffuse in the East Adriatic area, where the central administration plays the principal role in the welfare system leading and planning, as well as its funding.

Project timeframe: 2012 to 2015
Source of Funding: EU IPA Adriatic CBC

Since the transformation reform from the central to market economy has started, there is a growing attention of the Albanian government and civil society to protect and guarantee human rights. Despite the efforts, people with disabilities face poor social care services and a less enabling environment for protection and inclusion.

Project timeframe: 2014 to 2015
Source of Funding: Danish Government

Project timeframe: 2010 to 2013
Source of Funding: World Bank


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